Off-The-Shelf / 200 Series / 212

The Model 212-0000-B028 shown below is typical and representative of the 212 Models. For more information on specifying a holding fixture, see the 200 SERIES OPTIONS page and 200 SERIES CREATING A MODEL NUMBER pdf.


The maximum distance between mounting interfaces is directly related to the main beam length. Specify the distance between mounting interfaces to be at or slightly larger than the length of the part-to-be-handled. The fixture can be adjusted to accommodate smaller length parts, however, the main beam(s) extending from each end frame may be inconvenient. For more information see the 200 SERIES OPTIONS page at the end of this section.

Product Features

  • Safety Factor: 2
  • Rated Load Capacity:
    • Static, 0″ eccentricity: 130 lbs. (59 kg.)
    • Static, 5″ eccentricity: 78 lbs. (35 kg.)
  • Operating Temperature: +32 to +104 °F (0 to +40 °C). Contact factory for special applications with extended operating temperatures.
  • Choice of 8″ or 16.2″ Trunnion Height
  • Choice of Trunnion Interface/Mount/Clamp Options:
    • Angle Interface
    • Mounting Plate Interface
    • Board Clamp Interface
  • Choice of Main Beam Length
  • Materials: Steel construction
  • Finish: Flotron Blue powder coat with selected parts zinc plated.
  • Gearbox: 40:1 ratio with 4″ diameter crank
  • Trunnion Brake Knob
  • Optional Trunnion Interface/Mount/Clamp
  • Optional finishes for clean room capability
  • Optional Ground Lug for use in electrostatically protected areas (EPA’s)
  • For more about 200 Series Options click here
All data presented is based on no modifications to the product.

As Flotron is constantly improving products and methods of manufacturing, we reserve the right to modify and/or change design or specifications without notice. Please contact Flotron for verification of critical dimensions and specifications.

For 200 Series – Creating a Model Number pdf click here

For clarification of terms or phrases, please see the Holding Fixtures Definitions page.